Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Cute Christmas Card!

I think it's because I keep seeing all of these cute cards on everyone's blogs and receiving cards, but I have to share with everyone when truly adorbes ones come along!

For this edition, Mrs. E over at A Colorado Cupcake sent out this card she ordered from Etsy. Feel free to leave her love on her blog even though I'm blogging about her adorable card before she does! Oh, and Mrs. E, don't hate. I just couldn't help but share!

I should also share that my 90-year old grandma looked at it and said, "OH! Is that you?!" No, Grandma, I wouldn't get married, make a Christmas card about it, and casually show you after dinner.

Get it? "Married" Christmas?!
See more about her wedding on her blog and my perspective from the wedding here

1 comment:

  1. ahhhh, thanks for the christmas card/blog love pumpkin! We heartcha big time :)
    Your grams is crackin me UP! ahem, we're waiting for our expertly penned x-mas card...just sayin ;)