Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So What Wednesday

So WHAT if....

  • I still haven't blogged about Happy Whatevs? I have to download pictures from my camera and by the time I remember, I'm ready for bed.
  • I never finish a library book in the prescribed initial check out? Whenver I buy a book and have eternity to read it, I end up finishing it in two days, but if I borrow one from a library or a friend, it takes forever for me to get through it.
  • I really haven't gotten around to blogging? I really only have the thought process available for short spurts like this right now.
  • I do need to do an all encompassing "This Is What I Did From December 18 To January 2" at this point? I will have lots of stories and pictures, but patience is a virtue, Gentle Readers.
  • I know I have some readers that aren't followers, and I know one of them has a birthday, Val, hope that you have a great birthday in your winter wonderland!
  • I really can't think of anything else witty to write? I'll just have you go over to Mama Dew's blog to hook up for your own So What Wednesday.

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