Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Hangover

OK, so there's lots to talk about, but I don't know what to really start with today.

I think that I might just do a photo montage of the past couple of weeks and let you extrapolate some stories from there.

My new scent. I'm using the velvet dangle as a bookmark, too!

Who has a deer ice sculpture appear on their front porch? Not to mention it was 60 degrees that week in Denver.

Nothing says, "Don't drink and drive" like a Coors light rail car next to a Colorado State Patrol DUI crack down light rail car.

Enjoying a Moscow Mule. Seriously. Google it.

Having a little fun with Elf Ur Self app on my iPhone

Best. Leggings. Ever. They aren't thin, they're great quality, and the best part? At Nordstrom Rack, they are only $4.97!!

Christmas Eve photo op

Little Zsa Zsa with some festive fun with Elf Ur Self

Midnight Mass at the Holy Ghost Church in Denver

More fun with my dad's dog Izzy

Harry and I on Christmas morning.

Our Christmas plates don't have a top hat for the snowmen...just Kangols. They representin' the old skool.

My mom's answer for back ordered Touch Gloves from Echo Designs.

New watch for Christmas....for as big as it is, it's super light weight!

A gorgeous sunrise in Colorado

This place actually exists. Watch the episode of South Park from Season 3 where they go to Case Bonits for a birthday party. All of it is real.

Mariachi's serenading Landen for his birthday

They have a creepy cave as part of Black Bart's hideout.

Cousin Dave. Have gun, will travel. We walked around armed with noisy light strobe guns. It was a good time.

Geared up to romp in the oh so freezing snow

Here's looking at you, kid. Little Miss Peach winking at the camera.
So, that's about it. There's a lot more details in there, but I'm ready to move on from the holidays, how about you? Let's just recap that it was a good time, got to see all of my family, but I'm glad my two weeks of carb loading is over.


  1. You cant beat $4 leggings! Happy new year! xxxooo

  2. two words. well I made it two words : de.tox!

  3. The Elf Yourself pics of the dogs are too cute! And $4 leggings?! Awesome deal!