Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So What Wednesday

It's that time of the week! It's time for another installment of So What Wednesdays.

So what if...
  • I will not skimp on some things (toilet paper), but will search for the cheapest thing on the shelf for others (produce)? It might not make sense, but it's my money, so I can chose how to budget.
  • I've worn long johns every day this week? It's friggin' freezing out there and single digits and negative wind chills can make me a little pissy.
  • I eat the same 4 things all week? It's tough enough cooking one meal, so I up the portions to make leftovers for the week. Granted, it gets a little mundane, but my laziness outweighs my ambition to cook.
  • I yawn when I do yoga? Really, I'm sweating, getting a good workout, but all the stretching and breathing gets me all sleepy.
  • I fall asleep while waiting for yoga to start and sometimes in final shavasana? I mean, it's warm, I'm getting in touch with my breath, it relaxes me to fall asleep. Oh, and corpse pose? Hello. That's like inviting nap time for a tired preschooler.
  • I plan on putting my Uggs back on after the snow melts and dries? My tootsies are chilly in these little Tory Burch flats.
Now, head over to Life After I Dew to link up for your own So What Wednesday.


  1. Found your blog on Shannon's link up! And you aren't alone on most of these so whats! People might make fun of the Uggs, but they sure are comfy and warm! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  2. I won't cheap out on TP either... lol.

  3. You can never skimp on toilet paper! Quality tp is a must! Ha! And thank you for the sweet words! You always leave me the nicest comments and I just love reading them. Have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!!! xoxo