Monday, January 31, 2011

What Was I Thinking?

I have looking for a gym for awhile now. I wanted something that was closer to home for the purposes of motivation and economy on gas. My choices were limited to the county rec center (outdated equipment and kids running around), a membership gym (that closed before I had a chance to look at it), a YMCA (pricey, over-glorified day care center with treadmills), another gym without classes (not really convenient, but still closer than my yoga studio selection), and yet another gym geared toward MMA-fighter wannabes (sketchy and creepy in a juiced up gorilla sense).

Driving to work about a week ago, I saw a sign for "Rock Hard Fitness" in a place that was previously an appliance store. I thought that it might be a fitness equipment store, so I made a mental note to google it and check it out when I had a chance.

Come to find, it's the PERFECT place!!!

Rock Hard Fitness hosts bootcamp classes in 5-week sessions with varying number of classes per week depending on the time of day. I had the opportunity to try out a class on Saturday for free before their first session, and I'm hooked. I'm hooked on the energy of the trainer, the energy of the class, the fact that no two classes will be the same, that the scheduled class will hold me accountable to show up and do work, the high I feel after I get my ass kicked in 60 minutes, (Seriously, 15 pounds at the beginning of class felt a lot lighter than the 6 pounds towards the end), and that I am finally out of excuses to move my ass.

So, I drank the kool-aid and signed up for a 5:30am, Monday through Friday, 5-week bootcamp. What was I thinking? If you know me in person, I have come up with every excuse to not workout. I dare you to out excuse me. What was I thinking? Clearly, I was drunk on endorphins. I took one hit and I'm hooked like meth. Or, at least that's what those scary PSAs tell me. Although, I doubt I'll lose my teeth.

Day one was this morning. The 4:21am alarm was a little early, but I don't care because I built in a snooze push (or two), I sleep in the clothes I'll work out in, and I managed to get everything ready the night before. Granted, I need some fine tuning, but I feel completely energized, I have my workout done by 6:30am, and I better see some toning based on the ass kicking I received again.

I know that once I have the night-before-prep down and I'm used to getting up that early and not for a flight, it will make it that much easier and have the 5 weeks fly by before I know it!


  1. My sister was doing bootcamp and she absolutely loved it. I mean she hated it, but she loved it all at the same time. Good luck!!

  2. You go girl! I am not an early riser, especially not for exercise haha