Monday, January 17, 2011

My Thoughts on the Golden Globes

So, I only got a couple of glimpses of some dresses, caught some pieces of red carpet, watched bits and pieces of the actual awards. Instead of dissecting every ensemble/quip/hairdo, here are my thoughts in tweet form. I figure it'll save time, but still be just as hilarious.
  • Eva Longoria #frigidbitch
  • Christian Bale #Jesuswalks
  • RDJ #makesmethinknaughtythoughts
  • Nicole Kidman looks fug. Between the dress and the greasy hair, I've had walks of shame that look better.
  • Justin Beiber looks like a young Ellen Degeneres. Especially with the sneakers and a tux.
  • Monique L'Huillier does something other than wedding dresses? Oh, she just took her ONE design and dyed it green.
  • Who wears a bedazzled shawl to embellish a "gown"? Jenny needs to go back to the block. Ew.
  • I still maintain that Justin Beiber is Ellen's Mini Me.
  • I love Emma Stone's dress, hair, and makeup. My fave of the night. Period.
  • I'm still in love with Marky Mark #Nicole4eva
  • I fell like some fashion is going back to the bad part of the 80s. I'm talking to you, Anne Hathaway and Angelina.
  • Helena Bonam Carter looks like how all these stars will look like tomorrow morning. #skippingtothehangover
  • I guess I should get around to seeing The Social Network since I'm addicted to social media.
  • Can I have a Captain America and Thor sandwich? #naughtythoughts #clothingoptional
  • I think that I don't watch Glee because I would get jealous. I want my life to be like an episode where people break into song and dance.
  • TG that Rob Pattinson isn't presenting with Kristin Stewart. I can barely handle watching her in 2 hour stints as Bella.
  • Matt Damon has come a long way since Good Will Hunting. #howyoulikethemapples
  • Black Swan legit creeped my shizz out. Natalie totally deserved to win. #ijustwanttobeperfect
  • Julianne Moore's dress looks like MC Hammer threw up on her. #canttouchthis #2legit2quit
  • And I'm spent. Going to do other things with my night. The Golden Globes were good...but I should probably watch some of the movies.
Hope that you all enjoyed the Globes. If you're off today, like me, I hope that you are enjoying the day. If you're at work, just think that tomorrow will be my Monday and your Tuesday, so you're ahead of the game. No matter what, let's all recognize the day for the man Martin Luther King, Jr. and his amazing efforts and powerful words that brought about changes that were long overdue in this country. Let's hope his inspiration continues into the next generations.

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