Friday, January 28, 2011

Internal Dialogue from Today

So, here are some of my thoughts for about a 2 hour time span today while I was out and about:
  • [At Car Wash] Since it's 66 today, I thought that's a good day for a thorough cleaning for Bruce. (That's short for Subaru. Get it?)
  • Women don't realize that suits should be tailored or at least not worn too tight or too loose. Ew.
  • My iPhone is magnetized enough to give stick between it and my nano.
  • [Now at Dick's Sporting Goods] How is it the most out of shape people work in a sporting goods store in the fitness sections?
  • And how is it no one actually works here? I see them roam in packs, but no one can help me with the heart rate monitors.
  • Just because I have cowboy boots on doesn't mean that I don't also own a pair of trainers and workout.
  • I'm giving my business to Sport Authority.
  • I should have thought about not being able to roll down my windows to enjoy these 66 degrees.
  • [Now at Sports Authority] Walked in, was greeted, helped and out the door in less than 10 minutes.
  • Oh, and now that Bruce is clean, I can see this huge ding in my passenger side. Irks the shit out of me. 
  • I remember asking for new car smell, not Nair. Ew.
  • What has two thumbs and got BOTH of her tax refunds today? Me!

I have some seriously weird internal thoughts. Sometimes I wish I could remember all of them.

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