Thursday, January 27, 2011

Then I Got To Thinking Giveaway

Mizz Tracy over at Then I Got To Thinking... has prepared an amazing giveway!! Now, I wouldn't normally should form the rooftops about a giveaway because it decreases my chances, but then again, I don't get as many chances as I would if I blog about it, so here we are!

Tracy has whipped up some of her favorite things as prizes for her giveaway. Sadly, none of which is an In-N-Out gift card, but ALL of which is awesome in its own right.
  1. An adorable mini-vase. (Perfect in time for Valentine's Day)
  2. SATC Season 5 on DVD (Hello weekend marathon!)
  3. Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Brownie Mix (I can't eat it, but I can make it for my friends and convert them to realizing that we need a Trader Joe's in Denver.)
  4. Foot Petals (Amazing heel inserts to make sure that you strut, not stumble.)
  5. Mason jar full of PB M&Ms. (Mason jar. Filled. PB M&Ms.)
  6. Adorable stationery
All are amazing and all would be amazing to win!! Good luck! (But not that much as I would love to win this amazeballs giveaway. hee hee)

You're going to have to visit Mizz Tracy's blog here to find out the entry details.


  1. You seriously rock!! Thank you so much... I am counting you up right now :) Hope you are having a good Thursday... almost the weekend!!