Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

My life is so not of anything thing to write about, but I guess that I can summarize my weekend: naps.

Oh, and football. I'm glad that the Steelers won! But a little bummed that Da Bears sucked it up big time. I am glad that Da Bears put in Caleb Hanie and they finally scored. Also giving props to my alma mater Colorado State for someone being able to score in a championship game since the first and second string quarterbacks couldn't connect.

On a related note, Cutler is a pansy and I'm glad we clipped him from the Broncos.

Watching football with my grandma is hysterical. She makes comments like, "Is that real?" (referring to a Steelers bushy beard) and "Oh, those tackles are so noisy." She gets the game and will watch it from time to time, but doesn't get too wrapped up in all the excitement. Which is good. My mother and I need a mediator in the playoffs. We are both avid Bronco fans, but once they're out, or allegiances vary greatly.

The only other news to report is that I did my taxes last week and I'm getting a nice (read: vacation) refund. Oh, and I have an eye appointment this week to update the prescription in my work glasses. Thrilling I tell ya. I need my own reality TV show.


  1. You can never have a reality show because then there would be [hours of] footage of you with an open dictionary so you can beat me at Words with Friends.


    At least you follow football and it's socially acceptable. My weekend would involve playing the Legend of Zelda on wii, text messaging Matt about the Legend of Zelda while he's home sick, and then about once a day I leave the house to get a red velvet cheesecake blast from Sonic.

    All of these things are what I call ASOCIALLY acceptable. Pretty much only embraced by nerds who live in their parents basement. But I live in my sisters. So I am their king.