Friday, December 17, 2010

My Own Private Reality Show

Ok, so real life is reality, I get it. But, I got my own real-life reality show. I call it First Date.
I was at my local Starbucks for a little Caramel Brulée latte treat (read: waiting for the stores to open for Christmas shopping) and was playing some Angry Birds.

Time out.
I'm sickly addicted to that dang game. I downloaded the Lite version to see what the whole hoopla was about and was so hooked I went and did something I vowed I would never do: pay for an iPhone app. Get it. But make sure you don't get to the point of your own real-life reality show with Intervention.
Time in.

As I was sipping my latte, a gentleman walked in and approached a lovely, anxious looking woman. His opener? "Kelly? I recognized your picture from the website."

Dying. Clearly, my ears were perked and I started sipping slower.

They went on to talk about each others kids (She has a kindergartner, he a senior in high school. Hello, May/December romance.) and what they do for a living.

What almost made me lose my composure when she was talking about her marketing business and said people like headlines with lists like super market tabloids. His response that almost made me spit out my latte and laugh hysterically? "Oh yeah! When I see something like '10 Naughty Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship', I always take a look!"

It took all my being to calmly get up and leave at that point so I could laugh out loud and write this post.

Such a great way to start my weekend!

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  1. WHy can't these types of things happen to me;)

    And seriously, Angry Birds is an obsession. The Holiday version is killing me