Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snow Day, Schmo Day - Doubter McNon-Believerton proven WRONG.

Here are my observations as a native Coloradoan at a "Spring Storm" (read: blizzard) after I was Doubter McNon-Believerton about the forecasters crying, "Wolf!":
  1. What the hell is "winter-like" weather? When you say it's a blizzard outside and the worst snowstorms in Denver are in March, I would say that's straight up WINTER WEATHER.
  2. If you think you are being a Good Samaritan by parking in an open lane of traffic and running in front of cars that are trying to keep their forward motion so that they don't get stuck forces them to stop and to then GET STUCK. You're right, you are going to push my car forward while you make everyone behind me do the same thing.
  3. Why, if the City closes and snow plows are not the roads, do you require that your employees stay at work until the last possible moment and the weather and roads are so bad it takes three times longer to get home? And don't get me started on the face that my "snow day" is really annual leave. (At least I am not at the office listening to One-Downer complaining about riding the bus in and her kids being at home alone. That is actually worth its weight in GOLD.)
  4. I'm glad that I didn't pack my winter clothes at the bottom of some box. When I had to suit up to go back out in the snow (after trekking to the house in my work clothes and Uggs through knee-deep snow) just to move my car out of the way in traffic, it was nice of the guy in the truck to stop get out, ask me if I was going to be long, then get back in the truck. Thanks, asshat. I clearly wasn't shoveling snow around my car so that I can have pristine space around my car in a BLIZZARD.
  5. I'm going to go ahead and say that since we pay close to $500 in HOA fees, gets your asses out to plow and shovel my drive. The snow wasn't that bad when it started falling, so where were you then? I know that the roads suck, but you have a SNOW PLOW on the front of your truck. Use it.

Update: They - "they" being the no-talent ass clowns that predicted no snow most of the winter, then we would get pounded, but today "redeemed" themselves - are saying we have received 10" of snow here...but the drifts are WAY over a foot. (That's a 12" ruler.)


  1. I left something for you on my blog! The second book is even better so far than the first by Jen Lancaster. You will die laughing!

  2. WOW! I guess those of in the sun here really did miss all of the fun. I know that sunny skies and 55 degrees isn't the greatest, however, it beat needing that ruler!

    Burr it looks Cold

  3. So I want to create a job where I predict things and am always wrong but it's okay because I'm pretty. I also would like to include backyards, helicopters and green screen technology somehow. Any ideas?