Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ride Right - Do You Know What That Means?

So, here's the principles of "Ride Right":

When you are driving on the highway, you are supposed to ride in the farthest right-hand lane as traffic flows for the speed that you are going. You are also supposed to stay in that lane, except to pass.

When riding in the far left lane, a/k/a the "Fast Lane", you should be going with traffic, regardless of the speed limit.

Now, here's where the "Ride Right" comes into play. It is not your responsibility to police other people's driving habits by driving the speed limit in the left lane. That is left for the Police. Hence the name. Let other people drive in the left lane at their chosen speed and get your slow driving ass in the right hand lane.

Oh, and while on the subject of traffic, the road was designed by people far smarter than you and have banked it accordingly for the rate of speed and weight of the vehicle. Trust that physics will always win and you don't have to slam on your brakes to make the curve of the highway.

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