Sunday, March 1, 2009

She Needs WAAAAAAYYYYY Better Friends

So, at a random night at a suburban bar, there is the great chance for people watching, or as I call it, She Needs Better Friends.

While at the bar, I noticed a couple that was a little to close with some movements a little to resembling a base...but since everyone plays a different version, let's just say it was hands on.

The whole while, naturally, I call other peoples' attention to the developing situation. The bartenders were great at also giving them hell and calling more peoples' attention to the situation. The whole while we were giving the slow clap and other various shouts of encouragement and of course I, SHE NEEDS WAAAAYYYYYY BETTER FRIENDS.

Throughout the whole ordeal, I kept looking for other people that were talking to the girl and it didn't look like anyone was there with her. I thought that she may have been left or, poor thing, actually there with this mutton-chopped fool. Come the end of the night, though, we found her friends. They were girls that had their backs to the offender the whole night and were giving her the stink eye the whole time. Awesome friends.

So, in summation, be a better friend when you see your friend act a fool.

In a related note, leggings are not for everyone. Take note.

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