Monday, March 23, 2009

Bachelorette Parties - The Pre-Game to Weddings

Katie's Bachelorette Party
Recently, I spent three glorious nights and days in the City of Sin for Katie-Palooza, Bachelorette Edition. From "All Because Two People Fell in Love" post, you'll know that Katie and Matt are getting married in June, so naturally a bachelorette party is in order. Being the faboosh people that we are, Las Vegas was the only appropriate venue for all the guests, bridesmaids and bride to convene for a weekend of debauchery.

Thursday arrived and I had a long day at work as Courtroom Deputy for oral arguments hearing judges talk about "drug trafficking via anal cavities" and when does one accept responsibility for said drugs when arrested and they are found on his person. Awesome. Get that image out of your head. With my mind swirling, I got to Vegas and started to drink, but this was after Sarah and I get chastised from the man with a walkie-talkie about not stepping over the chains for the taxi stand, Being so disgusted with the douche, I told the girls that we're going to a limo. So over it. But, as we were walking and talking (and drinking) I became very the point where I knew that I was about to get cranky bitch on everyone. So, I removed myself from the situation and went to bed early...which apparently, I missed the most drunken night for Katie because by the time that she rolled in, she was the drunk-mute Katie. Loves it.

On Friday, the Colorado gals and Erin went shopping while Katie slept off her hangover. When we were in a store and the clerks asked us what we were all in town for and we told them a bachelorette party, they would naturally ask, "Who's getting married?" Ahhh, well, she's back at the hotel sleeping off her hangover. "Oh, was the party last night?" Ahhh, no, it's tomorrow night. Awesome. By the way, when trying on a dress and some random dude handing a dress off to his SO (significant other) and tells you that you should buy the dress, buy it. That night, I demonstrated my dance (and falling skills) at Rain in the Palms...Awesome.

Saturday was a much more low-key evening with some drinking, but nothing near the drunken shenanigans that were from Friday night...although that would have been a feat...I have become a fan of miniature champagne bottles...they are easy to transport, have a screw on lid for easy storage and get a nice buzz going...delicious, too.

Ready to get over my hangover haze and get back to my bed of awesomeness, I boarded my flight and got an exit row to stretch would have been a nice flight if it weren't for the three high school soccer teams that occupied the back of the plane. From the chit-chat, to the screams at take off and landing, those kids were far from appreciative that those on a flight home from Vegas are not as pumped as you that you're staying out late on a school night.

Kathryn's Bachelorette Party
The next weekend was the second of the two bachelorette parties for the two weddings that I am in this year. Kathryn and Ryan are set to tie the knot in May here in Colorado. Having the bride in town for various other wedding-related details, we decided that having all of the bridesmaids in town warranted a bridal shower and bachelorette party. This had a traditional shower with games and gifts, but then, we broke out the 80's dresses for the Ugly Bridesmaids portion of the evening...needless to say, we didn't walk alone because these things were hideous, hideously awesome. The good news for us was that although we were getting the stink eye from the other girls, we were clearly making fun of ourselves, whereas they were dressed to the nines and the best they will ever look. Joke's on you.

Kathryn's bachelorette party was perfect for the theme as she made herself a tulle tutu with bedazzled wife beater. Of course, we complimented the ensemble with genetalia....appropriate for embarrassment and to call attention to the fact that we were a bachelorette party. Funnily enough, some of the dresses we wore are VERY similar to ones I saw at Forever 21 this weekend...hmmmm....

Scouring the city for a dress that should be burned is hard to do. Although, I did find plenty of "Prairie Wear" or something that the Duggar's mom would wear. Note to self: Halloween costume idea "The Duggars".

These two weekend adventures made me realize that bachelorette parties really are the pre-gaming for the wedding. You'll see how your friends will interact if it's a mixed group, see how your friends handle their booze, and see how comfortable you are with male genitalia in public. Based on all three, I have a feeling that these weddings will be phenomenal.

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