Friday, March 6, 2009

Step Into The Time Machine...

At the end of January, I went to Seattle to visit my friend Ashley, or as I call her, Intense. After having to divert to Boise when Seattle has "fog", I finally got to see the City by the Sound. Ashley works in a quaint little coffee shop that is the front for an espresso catering company, Espresso Elegance. Having me addicted and all hopped up on whip cream with white chocolate sauce, we went to a great happy hour at a restaurant on the Sound. We played a round of She Needs Better Friends with a girl who was shamelessly flirting with a guy while having her tag and extra thread for her sweater hanging down her back. Thankfully, we were better strangers because Intense whipped out her Swiss Army Knife and asked to cut the offending tag for the girl. Her friends just laughed. She needs better friends.

The next day, we had a yummy brunch at a place I can't remember the name of at the moment. There, we eyed some eye candy as well as got the avoidance look around from a guy that Ashley knows, who we would later meet up with that night. Intense was excited that someone who was normal, funny, and social would see that Seattle is full of people that don't socialize, have no sense of humor, and to get "into" a group of friends, you have to know someone. After leaving the restaurant, the guys that we eyed previously happened to leave at the same time as us. As we stepped outside I said that I had special ordered the sunshine for Seattle (it's rare in the winter, in case you didn't know) all the way from Colorado. Cutie #1 interjected that he thought that he had made the order. I clarified that I am from and live in the great state of Colorado, so he must be mistaken. But alas, we are both from Colorado and both visiting. That explains why he interjected. It would have never happened from a true Seattle resident.

Picking up another white chocolate sauce laced latte from Ashley's shop, she took me to her favorite (now my favorite) overlook of the city. FYI, Seattle is hilly like San Francisco, so it's no wonder that the city shuts down when it ices. Notice the Space Needle and the sunshine.

That evening, we went to a wine bar and enjoyed a nice flight with a Cabernet Sauvignon. On our way to the restaurant, we drove by the first Nordstrom department store. It started as a shoe store, which is why I love it so...

Later, we met some lovely gents from the UK. One of which is named Edward. We had to explain that while he was in the States, he need to go by Edward, not Ed, and that he should just introduce himself as Edward Cullen because the women would swoon. If you've read Twilight, much less the whole series, you would have swoon six times already.

For some hangover food on Sunday before my flight back, Ashley wanted Thai and so we drove ALL OVER the city for over an hour trying to find her preferred places for Thai. Finally, we found one in the Alley at Pike Place Market. It was delightful and totally worth the driving around, but that could have been the hunger and hangover talking. Not to mention the hike of death up from parking to get up to the level of the market.

All in all, Seattle is a great place to visit, but I feel as though I am too social to have to qualify myself to strangers to be nice and have a conversation with.

Intense should return soon from her penance in Seattle. I think she's done enough time to become a saint.

I almost forgot! Ashley also took me on a mini-tour of the sites from 10 Things I Hate About You. The troll under the bridge has its nails painted now.

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  1. Seatle never had a change, and the poor unsuspecting troll under the bridge.......I guess Prada shoes wouldn't work, so some paint was the next best thing?

    Carry on ole wise one, your adventures are fun to hear and admire?????

    "Part of the reason you are the way you are"