Thursday, March 5, 2009

All Because Two People Fell in Love

I'm apparently at "that time in my life" where all my friends are getting married. I used to have a previous rule that I would only go to three weddings per year (even though there may be more I was invited to, between schedules and travel, I could only make it to three). However, this last year, my friends have been getting engaged and planning weddings at an alarming rate. So, now it seems that as long as there's a multiple of three (thanks Delta Delta Delta) I seem to be able to make it.

Weddings for the 2009 Season:

May 16th
My Grandmother & Perry
Shalom Springs, AR
His last name is Sanders, and yes, he looks like the Colonel.

May 30th
Kathryn & Ryan
Morrison, CO
The future Mrs. K-Mart.

June 20th
Katie & Matt
Pittsburgh, PA
The man learned to scrapbook to propose. Awesome.

August 8th
Christy & Quintin
Casper, WY
This is the elusive couple.

September 13th
Cheyenne & Nick
Castle Pines, CO
These two are too cute.

December 17th-ish
My Dad & Sharon
She's the Peanut Butter to his Jelly.

Weddings for the 2010 Season (thus far):
June 4th
Jessica & Kevin
Cape Cod, MA
My favorite cocktail and future vacation spot.

(I couldn't help but format that section like a wedding invitation)

This year I am officially a Maid of Honor for Katie and a Bridesmaid for Kathryn, but I'm also unofficially Best Woman for my Dad - it will be official once I tell him.

As I have said to my friends before, I have rules for getting married. (In case you haven't figured it out, I have opinions and I'm not afraid to share them.) Being single and without children, you can take the "advice" or "opinions" with a grain of salt (and a shot of tequila).

Ana's Rules for Weddings (Revised March 2009):
  1. There will be a marriage after the wedding. Don't lose focus of the purpose of the vows. No one, except for you, will notice that the bows on the back of the chairs were taffeta instead of chiffon.
  2. If you want the input of the groom, give him some choices, not complete freedom because you know that you will probably end up choosing something else anyway.
  3. Consider your guests when picking a date. Granted, the day is about you, but if you want to share the day with others, it's something to look at since they will need to make travel plans and possibly time away from work.
  4. We're getting to age where a "plus one" is implied. I get that some venues/budgets/etc. are smaller, but unless you are planning on being a matchmaker for all the singles at your wedding and sitting them altogether, then at least give the guest a chance to be the loser without a date before you tell them that they're not in a "significant [enough] relationship" to warrant a "plus one" on the guest list. You know who you are, brides. ;)
  5. Unless you are the super religious Duggars, please serve some sort of alcohol at your wedding. I know that this makes me sound like a lush, (perhaps) but your guests may like a glass of wine or beer and the best memories I have from weddings are after the cocktail hour is over.
  6. Said alcohol should be gratis (open) for at least a portion of the time. This will also act as a pacer for guests to not overindulge if you change over to a cash bar.
  7. For the guests: In regards to #5, make sure that if you imbibe that you are responsible. I have made that mistake once and have tried to prevent that since. There's a photographer and others with minds like steel traps that will remind you at the next wedding that you were fighting over a wine bottle on the dance floor. (I know. I'm classy.)
  8. Another one for the female guests: Consider your ensemble's color. Unless it's an evening, formal wedding (read: black or white tie), don't wear black, it looks like you are in mourning. A bright pashmina for a punch of color only works if you keep it on the whole time. On the other end of the spectrum, it's a little afronting to wear a mostly white dress. It may seem passe, but really, you will stick out like a sore thumb on the dancefloor. Pick colors appropriate for the season. Black and white together are OK, just make sure that it's equal parts black and white.
I'm sure that I have more, but really, this covers the major bases.

Having said that, I am also excited for the Bachelorette Parties in the next two weeks!! The Future Mrs. Hipps' in Vegas and the Future Mrs. Martin's Ugly Wedding Party!!


  1. I like your rules! And I know I broke #4, but it worked out in the end, right??? I learned many wedding lessons with my own, but can't really apply them since one wedding is good enough for me. Now, I get to act very wise as all our friends take the plunge! :) Sounds like YOUR wedding will be a piece of cake, but you better find a venue that can hold 500 guests! Muah!

  2. Are you kidding?? I'll have a whole other set of rules by the time I get married. And the good news is that I can revise them to my liking at that point. Ha.

    And G, your wedding was bursting at the seams with people. And you did let me bring a date in the end - Daisy's the best date ever.

  3. She is the peanut butter to my jelly? I guess the phyco visits have been working. I am only glad you have chosen to begin this blog now rather than 5 years ago. The descriptors would have had to be censored for the weak at heart.

    Love U Daddio

  4. Well, Lesa would be the salmonella laced peanut butter to your jelly. She really only complimented you because she was a female, and even that was debatable considering I still contend that she is a creature from the black lagoon or the devil incarnate. I switch between the two.

  5. I had no idea you were going to so many weddings! Wait, yes I did. It's nice of you to post them all so we know which ones we aren't invited to.