Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why I Can Leave Colorado

While I was back in Colorado for Christmas, a lot of people were asking me how I would fare leaving Colorado.

Sure. I miss my friends, but with the advent of FaceTime, Skype, facebook, twitter, and well, a phone, I can stay in touch with my friends actively and passively. Not to mention that I do have more friends here in DC and Colorado is just a plane ride away.

Then there's Colorado's gorgeous scenery and sunshine. Granted, I didn't know how much I missed the sun until I was back in Colorado with those clear blue skies over the Rocky Mountains, but I can always look at pictures and visit.

But let's get to the weather. Colorado is unpredictable. The day before I flew out to Colorado, the forecast called for 4"-6" of snow. By the evening, the forecast was more of 10"-16". Yeah. That's a little bit of a swing. The next day, the skies were clear and the views were amazing, but I don't appreciate that 2 hour delay. Also? With the 60 degree days that were the balance of the week made for a sloppy melt off. Not pretty.

Also? You see someone you know everywhere you go. The nail salon, the grocery store, the bars, restaurants, in traffic. EV. REE. WHE. HERE. Granted, it's nice if you want to catch up with people, but most of the time, my hair is a wreck, I have near zero makeup on - if I do, it's leftovers from the day before, and I'm rocking some sort of yoga pant/sweatshirt combo. Of course that's when you see people, but still, let's save each other the judgy looks.

Here's the gist: While I will always be a Colorado girl at heart, I can always visit. I know that I will be back at some point to move my furniture and back again as a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding so there's already trips on the books for little doses of colorful Colorado.

But here's some gorge pictures to remind me.

After 13" of snow, this is the view from my drive. (Don't judge the no look phone photography.)

Mountain of snow in the parking lot of the mall. It eats up prime parking, won't go away for some time,  and after a couple of days it will turn icky brown. Not pretty.

And really? December 23 and it's pushing 60 degrees? The previous day it was in the teens and dumping snow. Oy.

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  1. We moved from western Missouri to central Illinois almost four years ago. My mom wouldn't tell people we were moving until after it happened because she hoped we would "come to our senses" and stay in Missouri. True story. Never mind that my husband had an amazing job offer in IL.