Friday, January 6, 2012

I Should Be Sainted for Bridesmaid Shopping the Day After Christmas

This post is alternatively titled: Don't Eat Like You Got the Tip On a Famine Before Trying On Formal Wear.

Let's just get this out of the way. The week between Christmas and New Years should be called Leggings As Pants Week. But maybe a disclaimer, that it is a privilege, not a right. Prime examples coming from anything at

Moving on.

I had taken the couple of days before Christmas as days that I managed to eat somewhat healthy, but ate things that I wouldn't normally have...en masse. Like M&Ms, toffee, truffles, popcorn, chips & dip, wine, booze, more chocolate, and more booze. And some more chips & dip and more booze.

I think my food groups were chips, dips, wine, and tequila for the week. Yeah. A little different from Buddy the elf's.

I should have just put on some spanx, sported my leggings and black tunics all week for all the damage I did. And then? I get to go bridesmaid dress shopping. With my friends that 1) can eat anything and not gain anything and 2) is getting married in 3 weeks so she's super strict to make sure her dress fits like a glove.

Not the best idea.

But really, the shopping was fun, my friend found her gown (GORGE!!) and we figured that we didn't really want to get nekked in a dressing room that had a picture of another friend's ex-boyfriend's wedding.

Add that to the list of why I can leave Colorado: you see someone you know everywhere you go. Even in bridal shop dressing rooms.


  1. I think every week is Leggings as Pants week, but maybe I'm just biased. Because I wear no real pants.

  2. Bahahha, I love this...especially the Leggings as Pants week! No lie, I tried on wedding dresses the day after Thanksgiving...which was possibly the worst idea ever cause I felt like sloth. In my defense, it was the only time my mom was in town.