Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's Get Real

Let's all generally acknowledge some truths: facebook is an escape slash passive aggressive friendships. Twitter is 140 character brags slash complaint vehicle. Blogs are the little part of the internet which is all yours.

So when people post this, it makes me a little cray cray:

Here's why:
Football is just a game. It's not serious. The book of faces is something that gets me through the day. But really when someone tries to say that celebrating the victory of a sports team is a dense face about American culture, I want to know what's so wrong about that if I'm also doing my part to charitable organizations?

Really? I mean, I would like to know who I have to make my check out to for starving kids in Steamboat Springs, Colorado so I can celebrate a Bronco win without judgment. (Side note, median rent in Steamboat was $1,139 in 2009 with average income at $63, 698. You're not living in Steamboat if you're without at least a car. Just sayin'.)

Just because I don't get up on a soapbox about how much money I personally have raised for charity and the number of hours devoted to organizations does not mean that my fb status of "WOOHOO!!! BRONCOS WIN!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK TO TAKE ON THE PATS!!" does not mean that I am not aware of the current predicament that American society and the world as a whole have created a strain on limited resources.

Oh, and the Steelers fans don't have that jubilant outlook, so conversely, shouldn't their dismal attitudes be put to work to better the world? I mean, they are already wallowing in their self-pity.

Sorry to burn the Steelers fans, but I can't help it.


  1. Jesus! What a debbie downer. I think competition is a healthy thing to promote in ANY type of situation-- sports, politics, work, etc. So who care if it is for a football game? And she DOES know that people going to games, buying sports team attire, purchasing food for tailgates, ETC (!!) promotes and grows the economy (a little bit ;-))??

  2. Remove pole from their as$es. Celebrating is fun!