Monday, January 2, 2012

My Merry Christmas and Happy Whatevs

Prepare for picture overload.

But first, I will catch you up a little on Happy Whatevs and Christmas. For the sixth year in a row, I have celebrated Happy Whatevs with my friends in Colorado. It's best to be the Saturday before Christmas, but seeing as that was Christmas Eve this year and I didn't get to Colorado before the 22nd, we opted for a Friday celebration. It was great to see friends from San Francisco and Chicago that were also in town for the holidays which made Happy Whatevs that much sweeter.

Now, for the picture overload. I mean, if a picture is worth a thousand words, surely my captions will suffice for a coherent blog post, yes?

Besties. Four Rio Margaritas in. We're holding each other up.

I miss this kid. No matter the time or distance, it's like our passive fb stalking keeps us up to date.

The main contingent for Happy Whatevs. It was a perfect catch-up-girls-night-out.
Left to my own devices on Christmas morning, I will eat potato chips & French onion dip with a soda and sudoku.

Can you guess which gifts are from me? Given more time before the big day, I would have actually tied wired ribbon.

Wine in a regular glass, my improvised napkin folding, and pine cones.

The ever-present clean up crew at my feet.

Gifts from my mom - the gold bracelet says, "This is the year your cards right, add a twist, have the curiosity of a cat, get lost in a good book, make sparks fly."

Best boot shiner ever from my Hunter Boot Shine thanks to Santa.

Getting ready for Christmas dinner of lobstah.

I've had several dreams of shellfish since.

Yummy, oh so delicious Christmas dinner.
Bringing sexy back.

Fierce. Posing H to T.

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