Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Allen

This weekend, I was able to make a trip back to my homeland and lucky for me, it was also Andi & Chris' Wedding Weekend!

Andi and Chris met while they both lived in Boston. (I got to meet Chris when we were in Boston for Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Foley Wedding Weekend.) Since then, they have moved to Colorado and set up shop with their pup Juneau, an adorable husky.

Enough about the bride & groom, let's talk about the kick ass party they threw to celebrate their nuptials!

To start, they served wine to the guests to share in a toast with the couple during the ceremony. Because? Instead of pouring sand or water, they mixed red and white wine. By the way, I was completely distracted by the wine before I noticed the site. It was truly breathtaking. As we were waiting for the ceremony to start, we saw an elk. Seriously.

So amazing.

Red wine, white wine.

Mr. & Mrs. Allen

The happy couple.
Afterwards, we moved onto the reception which was adorned with the couple's favorite sports teams. There was the Red Sox table, Celtics table, Patriots table, and luckily I was as the CSU Rams table.  Not one to be out done, there was a Yankees table, but us Red Sox fans managed to get the DJ to play plenty of songs to offset the Yankee fans.

From there, we danced the night away showing off our best moves.

Pie, wine, football and baseball.

Best. Picture. Ever.

Getting down with our bad selves.

I also stayed at The Stanley Hotel for the night. By myself. I swear that there was a spirit that breezed passed me and started mumbling. But that may be my mind believing what it wants. However, after our flashlight encounter with the ghosts of Boston Common, I'll stick to my story that it was a ghost.

The historic Stanley Hotel

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  1. Wow, that looks like a beautiful place!