Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon at L.A.I.D. for another installment of So What Wednesday.

So WHAT if...

  • I am so excited for a weekend back in Denver that I can't really focus at work? You couldn't either.
  • I am obsessively checking the weather and flight status since there are thunderstorms a go-go through here and basically the whole part of the country that I have to fly through? When I was delayed to Boston for 4 hours and still flew through lightning, I've had my share.
  • I really love to fly and travel but have the shortest fuse when it comes to other passengers? You know who you are and you should know that you take your shoes off and there are no liquids above 3.4 oz, so leave your full size shampoo and conditioner behind.
  • In packing for my trip to Denver I wrote out the outfits for each day? It's detailed to workouts, lunches, weddings, and lounging. I was a little scattered brained when I was packing, so I had to keep it straight.
  • I learned my lesson that I can't multi-task chores? I can't do laundry and pack at once. See previous bullet.
  • I already know that my radio will be tuned to KYGO and The Wolf for the next 5 days? I don't get enough country music out here, so I need to get my fix. Oh, and it should help with a trip to Cowboy Lounge at some point.
  • I have planned multiple meals around Mexican food? Again, these parts are severely lacking in the Mexican food departments, so I have to get my fix.
  • My post is pretty much about travel and my trip to Denver? I haven't been home in 3 months, I miss my family and friends and all things Colorado. I have 5 days to squeeze in Mexican food, country music, the mountains, sunshine, BBQs, and rooftops.
  • The thing I most looking forward to is cuddles with my pup, Harry? That kid is so darn cute I can't handle it.


  1. Mmmmm, mexican...the best!

    Have a great trip lady. :)

  2. I love Mexican food. I think planning meals around it is the best. I would be thrilled to go back home too :)

  3. Awww, I totallyknow how exciting it czm be to get home!! I'm going "home home" in 3 weeks (mynactual home town, not just Kansas City which we get to often) And REAL Mexican? Yummo! I'm excited for you :-)

  4. Love your travel rants. Completely feel the same.

  5. coming back from NOLA i was totally that lady with the oversized liquids and i felt like such a d-bag.

    i had bought a HUGE aloe with me for my crazy sunburn and meant to stuff it into my checked luggage before i sent it off, but it was too early and i had 9 kiddos with me and i just forgot. i held up security because they kept asking me what liquids i packed and i had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN.

    sorry, everyone, for being a braindead traveler. i hate myself sometimes.