Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So What Wednesday

Another week linking up with Shannon at L.A.I.D. and saying "So What".

So WHAT if...

  • I didn't say, "So what..." last week? I was really busy getting ready for Boston.
  • I am really mad that I don't have a job where I can be wrong most of the time and change what I'm thinking at a moment's notice? Weather guys do it all the time and leave me in the lurch packing for mid-70s when it actually rains and doesn't get above 60 while I was in Boston.
  • I really love New England? I think I could travel up and down the coast and never grow tired of it.
  • I have been sick the last to days with a sore throat and a headache? I managed to sleep most of the time and wanted to die the rest of the time. What can I say? I'm a wimp.
  • I already want to be back home and in bed? But I know I need to get through the work day, get a work out in since I missed yesterday, and then I can go to bed.
  • I'm already plotting in my head how early my bedtime will be if I rush home? I like to plan my day.
  • I really don't like when people type in ALL CAPS? I get that you like to add emphasis, but when you do it ALL THE TIME, it just feels like you're shouting.
  • This week's post is kinda lame? I'm a little irritable from crappy, headache-y sleep since Sunday. (Maybe it's those Puritan ghosts.)
Go link up with Shannon and say your own So What!

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