Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So What Wednesday

I cannot believe it's that time of the week when I link up with Shannon at L.A.I.D. and say SO WHAT!

So WHAT if...

  • Sometimes I feel like my twitter/blogger friends are IRL? It's creepy, I know, but with social media making convos easy, I can't help it.
  • I can't believe it's Wednesday? Getting home from CO on Monday really messes with my mind.
  • I really wish I was a faster reader? I'm in the middle of Game of Thornes and I only have 4 days left on it from the library. Looks like I will be making a purchase at the nook store soon.
  • I know that I complain a lot? And I wish I could hashtag my life with #firstworldproblems.
  • I hashtag text messages? It's the closest thing I have to sarcasm font.
  • I travel pretty much every other weekend in the summer? I don't mean to, but with a three-day weekend every other week, it makes it hard not to day little trips here and there.
  • My next weekend trip is to Laingsburg, MI? So, don't be so envious that I travel because if you google map that town, you still have to zoom out quite a ways to find out that it's near Lansing. And it's where the padre y step-madre reside...for now.
  • I am basically living on a smoothie diet? It's not that I think a liquid "diet" is what I need, I'm just addicted to my Ninja Master Prep and love using it. It's like ice cream for breakfast. Who can blame me?
  • I just got scared by my boss at my office? She never comes around and sure enough she comes around when I'm blogging. #atleastitwasnttwitterorfacebook
And on that note, you should link up with Shannon and say you own SO WHAT.

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  1. Bloggers can become IRL friends and it is so funny when you actually have a chance to meet them in person.