Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm So American

(Alternatively titled My Weekend in Boston and the NKOTBSB Concert at Fenway)

Before moving to the East Coast, my friend Caitlin and I wanted to go the NKOTBSB concert...somewhere. Thankfully, they were playing TD Garden and I could come out for the weekend and rekindle my love affair with Boston. Just as we were about to click "Buy Tickets", they announced a night at Fenway. That's right. FEN. WAY.

Naturally, we had to go!

After a four-hour delay thanks to Mother Nature, I landed in Beantown Thursday night to start my awesome weekend! Friday morning, I got to sleep in and take a run up to Bunker Hill. That was a real run. Up. Hill. Whoa. (And The Freedome Trail) Afterwards, we picked up our third PIC for the weekend Bree who came in from Denver. From there, we did some retail therapy on Newbury Street, had some dinner (Bree required a crab cake within hours of landing in Boston. I have to agree.) From there, we tried Tasti dLite which was the best substitute PB&J since I 86'ed bread from my life. Seriously. Amazing.

Somehow we started talking about how "I'm so American..." and finishing the statement with a very American statement. Some of my favorite:
  • I'm so American I live in the nation's capital.
  • I'm so American I run the Freedom Trail.
  • I'm so American I eat crab cakes in Boston.
  • I'm so American I brought my knee brace for this.
  • I'm so American I put out chairs 3 hours early for a parade down my street.
  • I'm so American I tailgate a parade about a battle on a Sunday
  • I'm so American I take a ghost tour along the Freedom Trail and get scared by Puritan ghosts.
Contrary to weather reports as I packed my bag, Mother Nature dished overcast weather and chilly temperatures. We ended up shopping some more and getting some duds that would keep us warm and happy was we rocked out at the concert. I found some hot pink Chuck Taylors, so I was set.

Now, the main event.

The boys were introduced my Marky Mark, they took over the Green Monster and ran out from the dugout. That just started the 2.5 hour non-stop set by the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys. I could still sing along to every song, get giddy when the boys would sing to another girl that was pulled on the stage, and swoon when they took off their shirts. (Seriously, amazing.) During the middle of the show, it started pouring rain. POURING. The stage flooded a little and was perfect for the guys to slip and slide up and down the stage. The wet/no t-shirt show was a definite bonus to the concert. Just when we thought we had had enough, the boys close out the concert by rocking Hangin' Tough on top of the Green Monster. So. Freaking. Amazing.

So basically, the concert was awesomesauce.

To get out of the rain after the concert, we went to Lucky Strike and bowled a couple of games. It was so much fun! And kept us dry.

Sunday brought more chilly weather and so we did a mellow brunch and movie to recover. We also had a ghost tour through Boston that we had to be ready to communicate with ghosts. We learned a lot about the city and its history. We also had a freaky communication with what we assume to be Puritan ghosts because Boston Common used to be the place that they hung over 400 people, a couple of dogs, and children. If you've watched Ghost Hunters, the will set up a flashlight that can turn on with a slight tap. As you ask spirits questions, you ask them to light up a flashlight in response. We were told to leave, and being a believer, I was ready to go. And then lost some sleep over it. Creeptastic.

Now, onto the pictures.

We're so American we ear lunch on the water.

Paul Revere is so American he supports the American team in the Stanley Cup.

We're so American we pre-game the concert and make creepers in the background jealous of our Americaness.

NKOTBSB are so American they take over the Green Monster.

NKOTBSB are so American Marky Mark introduces them.

Jordan Knight is so American his name is displayed in red, white and blue and under a Bank of America sign.

We're so American our seats were undercover to keep us dry in the downpour.

NKOTBSB are so American they close out their concert in Celtic jerseys on top of the Green Monster.

I'm so American I had my bag checked at Fenway and still managed to get nips in the door.

Bree's so American she has a waterproof purse.

We're so American we "baseball" BSB.

We're so American we have a once in a lifetime concert at Fenway.

We're so American we are married ladies to our favorite boy band members when we bowl.

We're so American we have matching raincoats for our Freedom Trail Ghost Tour and get scared by Puritan ghosts.
I love that Boston is so close and I can visit so easily. I know that there has to be a trip to the Cape this summer...that was the only thing left to check off a whirlwind weekend back to Boston.

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  1. I love the "we're so American" game! So something my friends and I would do. And it would go on for days.