Friday, June 17, 2011

Monograms and Monotony

Lately, I've thought of a thousand different blog posts. But instead of sitting down and drafting a brilliant piece, I end up cutting it down to 140 characters or less and tweeting about it. Oh well. My life is a little monotonous. Maybe I should just buckle down and write a bunch and stagger their postings, but that seems overly ambitious. Whatever.

But you know what breaks my lameness? Giveaways. That's right, I'm using my blog to get some more entries for How I Met Your Father's Birthday Giveaway.

Preptastic in Prepadelphia has set up a giveaway for monogrammed cuteness from Abbe's Designs.

I can't decide between a new insulated lunch/beer tote or the zippered top tote. So much to choose from!! I also need to place an order outside of this giveaway.

So head over to How I Met Your Father, but if you don't I'll understand because I want to win!!!

1 comment:

  1. thanks so much for the sweet shoutout :) best of luck in the giveaway!