Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So What Wednesday

Another week, another So What...go link up with Shannon at LAID...

So what if...

  • I seem to only blog on SWW? It's an easy mental spill in bullet-point format.
  • I have a great fashion post planned, but haven't blogged it? I am waiting for Lulu Lemon to post a pic of an amazing dress, get the dress I ordered from Nordstrom so I can google it since I can't remember the designer and the receipt is less than helpful. I promise it'll be amazing.
  • My officemate/sanity keeper is in Vegas, so I'm having my own dance club in the office? I shut the door and keep the volume modest so I can get through my day without her. Seriously, who knew sharing an office with someone would motivate you to get to work?
  • I am scarily excited for my Ninja Master Prep? It's a food processor and blender...hello to summer smoothies and margaritas with fresh guac and salsa. It's happening.
  • I am debating how much I'm actually going to travel this summer? Normally, the summer is when I bounce about the country, but I really like it here in DC and don't have the same itch...although I seem to be going everywhere...Boston next weekend, Denver two weeks later, Phoenix at the end of July, Fripp Island, SC the following week, Houston, Denver again, then San Antonio. I'm jet lagged just typing that.
  • I'm going to Boston for NKOTBSB? You know you're jealous. My trainer tries to hate on me, but really, it's NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. At Fenway. WITH BACKSTREET BOYS. Don't tell me your inner tween/teenager didn't swoon to these boys. dreamy....but not sure what time has done to them...we'll see, and of course a post.
  • I work four-day work weeks yet still find work torturous? It's all perspective and right now, I want a cocktail poolside. 
Hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend! Here's to working for the weekend.


  1. i am so excited -- i am seeing NKOTBSB in philly this weekend. it's no fenway, but I LOVE THOSE BOYS!

  2. Did you say fashion show???? I wanna seeeeee!