Friday, September 3, 2010

Cape Cod Wedding Weekend

Listening to all of the news outlets talking about Hurricane Earl and the fury it's about to rain (Get it? Rain instead of reign?) down upon Cape Cod, it made me realize I have not blogged about my trip to Boston and a little weekend in Cape Cod to celebrate Jessica and Kevin's wedding.

(First, I'm a bad friend. Now that it's out there, we can focus on the fun from June. And relish summer that much longer with the fact that the wind chill this morning in Denver was 37. And the high today is supposed to be in the low 80s. If that doesn't prove Mother Nature is menopausal, I don't know what will. I digress.)

First, I landed in Boston and met up with my friend since kindergarten, Caitlin. (Fun fact: She's the bride to wedding number 4 of 4 this year in Connecticut.) She moved to Beantown post-college, so I got to do the local stuff instead of the tourist traps. We managed to hit up a Red Sox game which is the closest thing to a religious experience I can imagine.

Troop 1812: From cookies to beer. (Note: that's an authentic rotary sign Fenway t-shirt compliments of Caitlin and her fiance Mark.)

Next up on the agenda was a trip to the Cape. (Say it like Elle.) The mist/fog that was around in a mild climate was surreal. The rehearsal dinner was at Kevin's parent's house and it was an amazing dinner with plenty of food for the masses and fresh "caught" oysters. We had a great contingent of Deltas to dominate the gazebo dance floor.

Never fear, we know how to make a group shot work.

For the ceremony and reception, we were at the Crosby Mansion. The mansion is from a sea captain named Something Crosby. His family lived there. It overlooked the ocean. It was pretty amazing. Oh, and during the whole ceremony, the pastor dropped all "R's" and added "R's" to anything ending in a vowel.

We aaah gatha-ed here to celebrate the wedding of Jessicar and Kevin.

During the reception, we naturally had to check out the Atlantic ocean. The water was a little chilly, but that didn't keep us from dipping in our toes. Also, it was overcast and rainy the entire weekend, aside from their wedding day. Not a cloud in the sky and no threat of rain.

I know I look like I hit the vitamin D cocktail a little harder, but to be fair to the other girls, it was the beginning of the summer.

If you were a bridesmaid and had a taffeta, water-stained dress, what would you do? Naturally, you would go frolic in the ocean. Well, at least if you're Daisy or Christie.

Clearly, this was also done completely sober. [Side note: Where's that damn sarcasm font?]

The wedding and reception were a great time...from what I remember....and from what I'm told, I had a great time. It was great to have a mini vay cay with my friends, but made even better because I got to celebrate Jessica and Kevin's first day as Mr. and Mrs. Foley.

Before I left, I got to hang in Boston for another day. Caitlin and Mark took me over to the North End for dinner with Daisy (who had to stick around Boston for another 2 weeks for work) and Andi and her fiance Chris (who live in Boston). We had amazing Italian food and capped off the night with a cannoli from a little bakery.

Practicing for our yachting days.

Granted, I waited several months to post this, but I loved reliving the weekend with this post. It was the beginning of this summer, so it's made me cherish those warm summer days in between.

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