Sunday, September 19, 2010

Judgey McHypocritical

OK, so you know how some people are motivated to change from other people. society, or other unusual motivators? Well, I have motivation from several places, some are the same since the beginning, others have evolved over time.

What constant remains the same is that I am motivated for MYSELF. Let me type that again. I am making these choices for ME.

Now, where I'm at in life is from where I have been.  I have been a brunette. I have been a sorority girl. I have been a geophysicist. What am I now? I am a (fall) blonde.  I am still a sorority girl (you never really leave), but now, it's all about service, not about booze. (OK, a little bit about booze.) I am an appellate case manager.

What this means is that although I have changed, I am still me and still in it for me. I have evolved as a person because I took a step back from what I thought everyone wanted from me. I stepped forward to be someone that I wanted to be: healthy, happy, and making decisions that would bring be closer to both.

In the process, I have shed pounds, bad habits, and unfortunately lost some friendships. In its stead, I have prolonged my life, lessened my chance for heart disease and other genetic tendencies, and deepened those friendships that are truly enriching and rewarding.

Why am I getting so philosophical?  I was (unfairly) judged by someone because of my past. Good, bad, and indifferent, my choices have landed me exactly where I am. I can't apologize for decisions that I've made in the past because it would mean that I would be on a different path. In the end, I have to be OK with my choices. I have to be the one that's happy. I am accountable for ME. So Mr. Judgey McHypocritical can check his motives and become accountable for his decisions and not sweat mine.

I do not regret my past, but of course with hindsight, I might have put down that tasty Taco Bell chalupa and picked up a celery stick.

Point is, that you've got to check your motives and be accountable for your choices. Make sure that you're doing what YOU want, not what others want. Be who YOU want to be, not what you think people want you to be.

You do you, I'll do me.

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  1. I love the "you do you, I'll do me."!! Am also loving your blog. Am a new follower. xo