Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Blonde

Here's a quick little post on the fly from my handy dandy iPhone. I have fully embraced the best season of the year and broken one of my longest runs with a hair color motif.

(Seriously, my roots are my only indicator as to what my natural hair color is, bur that's not really a good indicator because depending on the overall color, it looks mouse-y or ash-y.)

(And I have colored my hair for almost 15 years.)

(Oh crap, I'm old.)

(I'm not sure if I'm depressed by the passage of time or the fact I don't know my own hair color.)

ANYWAY, I like to call this color "Fall Blonde"...a little change from my platinum-ish shade.

Hope that you are embracing the best season of the year with little nods to fall...

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