Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Real Love for Fake Camping

Boy, A Colorado Cupcake sure can pick 'em! We've been talking about going camping and enjoying the gorgeous outdoors that Colorado has to offer. So, when ACC went to book a nearby campground and saw that it was full, she went on to the next campsite on the list thinking it was a little farther west than it actually 30 miles west of where it actually was. But that's no never mind. Why? Because it was fake camping.

Another friend of ours, Taylor, looks at life from an amazingly optimistic perspective. That optimism? Is based in finding material for her stand up and improv performances. (Gratuitous shout out: Go see her if you're in the Denver area on September 24 in Biography - Life as a Comedy at the Bovine Metropolis Theater.) Back to the blog, she started off with the mindset of this being "fake" camping. Meaning, that since this was for one night and that we weren't going too far, it's not really camping. We didn't know how right Taylor would be until we pulled up to this:
The Serengeti of Northern Colorado
This campground? Was about a mile from I-25. A little to the right in this picture are the majestic golden arches of McDonald's and the warm red glow of the Arby's cowboy hat.

Something comforting about those neon lights.
Granted, this place wasn't far from civilization, but it was far enough removed that we could have
A warm campfire. (Note: Those are Uggs because it was that chilly at night.)
Beautiful mountain views and quaint ponds.

and a nice walk to the bathroom facilities that we HAD to use or get a ticket for peeing in the bushes. (I'll spare you the pictures. ha.)

Overall, we realized that any campground that we could hear the hum of traffic, see the lights of civilization, and be only 5 minutes from an interstate would be just fine for fake camping. Sure, we ate food warmed by a fire and slept in sleeping bags, but we also had real fun just hanging out with each other. It's trips like this, no matter how close to home, that make you thankful for the life you have.

We have plans to make it out one more time, hopefully, this season, a little farther from the hustle and bustle. We could see the stars that night, but nothing compares to the stars in the Rocky Mountain sky.

Granted this trip was a little like Troop Beverly Hills, it was still a thrill!!

I have real love for fake camping.

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