Friday, September 3, 2010

Beacause I'm a Self-Professed Techno-Weenie

I added the mobile and email abilities to my blog.

What does this mean for my devoted readers and passers by?

I'm glad you asked...

It means that I might be more inclined to post more frequently because I can do so via email and text message. AND...since I have the handy dandy iPhone, I can do all of that with my little security blanket.

Happy Friday and I hope that everyone has an amazing Labor Day weekend!


  1. Shut UP! I want to too!! Teach me how, yes?

  2. Blackberry has not yet given me this ability. I'll get there, hopefully.... I couldn't agree more though. I am so much more likely to blog on the run or at random times, not just when I find a minute to sit down and find the time at a computer.