Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So What Wednesday

I'm still in the Sunshine State of Denver until the end of the week, so this post is short and sent from my phone. 

Here's my big SO WHAT...

If I'm not so what-ing? I'm just going to tell you the posts I have on tap for my return since I'm still in my homeland. SO WHAT?!

I can promise some awesome posts like:
   • My Merry Christmas and Happy Whatevs
   • Why I Can Leave Colorado
   • More Reasons I'm Not Ready for Kids
   • I Should Be Sainted for Bridesmaid Shopping the Day After Christmas (Alternatively titled "Don't Eat Like You Got the Tip On a Famine")

Less than 3,


  1. I adore my baby but I find that I don't like a lot of other kids. :P