Thursday, December 1, 2011

Philadelphia - City of Brotherly Love

Post-Friendsgiving, my friend Liz and I took a day trip to Philadelphia.

Liz's friends were running in the Philadelphia Marathon, so we got up at 4:30AM, you read that right. After celebrating Friendsgiving until after midnight, we got up and rode the train up to the City of Brotherly Love. It's a two-hour ride, which was a nice nap before we had to function.

We made signs that said, "Do it for the cupcakes!", "Keep running! People are watching." and "RUN! Zombies behind you!"

The last one was the most popular with the runners. There were a lot of smirks as they realized I was being funny. Which, lemme tell you, if I'm running for more than 5 minutes, I need things to keep my mind from thinking too hard on the whole running aspect.

After the race, we walk around town a little, went to Independence Hall, saw the Liberty Bell, and shopped a little. We would have don't the obligatory Rocky Steps, but the course for the marathon crossed in front and made it difficult to access.

Pass and Stow made this bell. Thanks, National Treasure for that trivia nugget.


Legit City Hall. Denver, take note.

Independence Hall

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  1. OMIGOSH. This is totally something I would have done for friends too :-) So nice of you to support them and to give a laugh to the runners! Love the sign ideas :-)