Monday, December 5, 2011

Seasonal Adjustment Disorder

I know it's called Seasonal Affective Disorder for people whom never see the sun in the winter, but I am having a severe, self-diagnosed case of SAD - Seasonal Adjustment Disorder.

You see, in Colorado, it gets cold in December. In fact, the first weekend of December is the Parade of Lights which also coincides with the coldest days on record. (Check it. Overnight lows in the SINGLE digits this past weekend.) Add the the cold temps the fact that the fluffy white stuff falls from the sky and blankets the grey world in a glistening white blanket. It's so much fun to frolic in the snow.

Granted, I have these sentiments right now because I have yet to see snow since March 27, 2011. How do I know the date? It was the weekend I moved to DC and it snowed a dusting that morning and was melted by 10am.

If I were in Colorado, I'm sure that I would be twi-ranting about winter drivers, cold weather, and slush that makes for a dirty Bruce. (Bruce is my car in Colorado. I know I haven't talked about him lately, but we're not really talking right now since it's been 3 months since we've seen each other.)

So, blogosphere, how does one prepare for Christmas when there's nothing to make me break out into song that, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

I've been playing Christmas music intermittently because I don't want to overplay my favorites. I have set up my Charlie Brown tree. I have started to make my list for everyone. I have made plans with my friends in Colorado for my trip home. I am playing Christmas movies that I love.

But, seriously, y'all, I'm having a tough time putting together that in 16 days I will be boarding my flight to Denver and in 19 days I will be waking up to Santa's bounty under the tree. Like, legit cannot figure it out. I think that I need to get my online shopping done so that everything arrives on time. That? Would be embarrassing.

How do you prepare for Christmas without snow?

Oh, Colorado, you do have a Christmas card look about you.


From my old bedroom window

Post blizzard frolicking with Mr. & Mrs. E.

My mom's car. Everyone, I'd like you to meet Sue B.


  1. awweee! I don't even hate it this year...give me a few months ;) I'll be on the next plane out to DC to take in the blossoms!

  2. I put up Christmas decorations right after Turkey day and start baking like crazy. I listen to "Colorado Christmas" by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and drink faaaar too much Hot Coco. I also avoid all holiday related things that say "snow" because well, there isn't any and I don't need a reminder. It gets easier with time, I promise.