Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Home Stretch

Since I'm going back to CO for Christmas, I have to balance my shopping with shipping. I like to have all of my shopping done and everything wrapped a good week plus before Christmas. Coming home via airplane with baggage means that I have to consider packing goodies in with my clothes. Which, if you've seen a Christmas card, you know it's cold. Which means I have to pack layers, scarves, gloves, hats, and coats. Granted, I don't have to pack all of my outdoor gear, but it's hard to know what Mother Nature will throw at you for that long of a stretch in Denver.

I digress.

I have shipped off all the gifts that I can, but will have to carry-on some special pieces. Which I can handle, I think. I mean, I'm not exactly the easiest bag handler.

Also? I am checking two bags. I know this because I'm nesting my luggage. That means that on my way home, I'll have 4 checked bags. Seem excessive? Well, I'm not paying for this trip thanks to my work contract and the contract rate, I get 2 bags free and I'm filling up my bags with homewares and what not since I don't want to pay shipping for all of that stuff out to DC. Clever, huh?

Since I have most of my shopping done, I have a hostess gift, some groceries, and a white elephant gift left, those are easily attained all in one place. I'm pretty proud of myself that I don't have to put everything in my suitcases...but I have to wrap everything as soon as I get to CO. urshdusfuhauauwfh (That sounds a little like a zombie moan in my head.)

Here's some more holiday cheer...
Union Station in DC.

Elliott & me circa 1989 with some Elf Ur Face.

Harry & me Christmas 2010, with some Elf Ur Face.

Denver City & County Building. Please note the snow on the ground.

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  1. Sounds fun! Hope the gifts get there ok and you have a great holiday, xo