Thursday, August 2, 2012

Recent Retail Therapy

I'm jetting of to Boston for the weekend to see and celebrate a Dirty 30 with one of my oldest (pun intended) friends, Caitlin. Her and I have bonded over Girl Scouts, Cotton Creek Cougars, Huron Huskies, Northglenn Norsemen, forgiven each other for our choices in colleges (we were inter-state rivals), but we always saw eye-to-eye when it comes to fashion.

See evidence here, here, here, and below.
Wedding day fancy.
Skinny arm? Check. Head tilt? Check.

(That was me while I was blonde. Stay tuned for updated pics with me as a brunette.)

Anyway, I thought that in honor of our fashion loving ways, I would share my recent online retail acquisitions.
The Coco Necklace in navy from Bridier Baubles. Ah-maz-hing.
Finally investing in good, leather boots. These are Merrell Tetras.
Since I had issues (read: dropped) with my Nook 1st Edition, I got the Nook Simple Touch...and naturally, immediately acquired a cover. It's purple and dotted, I die.
My Lilly. What this picture doesn't show is that the cutouts have a bright tangerine color behind them.
Introducing the Magicsuit Miraclesuit. Bonus that that one-shoulder can be tucked to make it strapless for bridesmaid tanning requirements. (You know, late summer/early fall wedding with a strapless dress? Tanlines are a no-no.)
Thanks to RHONYC, I was introduced to Yummie Tummie...hello controlling clothing.
And since every girl needs a layering tank, here's a Yummie Tummie smoothing tank.
Now, you're probably thinking, Ana, why are you spending so much?! Well, lemme tell you.

I didn't.

With online research, you can get some serious coupon codes and deals. Here's what everything was retailing for and what I paid.

Bridier Baubles:
Retail $30
Paid $30
Savings $0
But there was free shipping and a GREAT price!

Retail $180
Paid $136
Savings $44
Free shipping!

Retail $99
Paid $0
Savings $99
Thanks, Protection Plan!

Nook cover:
Retail $12
Paid $2
Savings $10
Minus $3 for shipping, but whatever. God bless

Lilly dress:
Retail $268
Paid $60
Savings $208
Thanks Rue La La

Retail $162
Paid $50
Savings $112
Thanks, Rue La La!

Black Jersey Dress
Retail $178
Paid $60
Savings $118
Thanks, Rue La La!

Ruffle Top
Retail $106
Paid $30
Savings $76
Thanks, Rue La La!

TOTAL SPENT   $  368
In case you're into percentages, that's 65%ish OFF!!!

Boom. That's how you do it.


  1. ummm i think i need to jump on this bridier boobies thing! i mean it seems like everyone is doing it and when everyone else does it what does one do? jumps too.

  2. Just dropped and broke my Kindle during my move! Should I switch to the Nook??? I feel lost without it!

    Love all of your buys. Rulala should sponsor you ;)

  3. Bargains are my drug!!! You got some awesome deals, new follower after your guest post on Life After I Dew!!!