Friday, August 17, 2012

Enjoying Those Moments

Do you ever stop, look around, and ask, "Is this real life?"

Because I do.

I mean, how lucky can a girl be?

I have a loving family, friends that make me laugh, a great job, a cute roof over my head, and clearly enough cupcakes in my life.

I have stopped being so camera happy because I have seen that, while seeing life through a lens is awesome, living life in the moment is oh so much better.

But because I'm completely detached from reality or instagram, I do have some moments captured here for you my sweet little potential stalkers. (p.s. Welcome to all of you new kids from my guest post over at Life After I "Dew!!)

Little Baby Jesus...or Bearded Sweet Jesus
My mom helped pack up and ship out my stuff from Colorado once I found that cute roof over my head. Well, somehow, Jesus made the journey with my dresser. And yes, he's still in that drawer. Every time I catch a glimpse of him while I grab a pair of socks, I start a giggle fit.

Who's Rocky Marciano?
For a short weekend trip to Philly, we went by the statute and the famous steps. I would have taken a picture at the top of the stairs if we didn't a look a tad haggard. Hence the artful cropping here.

Shipping Up to Boston
I spent a weekend up in Beantown to celebrate my oldest most tenured friend. We snuck off to a Red Sox game where we lasted 3 innings before the heat and BO of those around us was unbearable. Of course there was copious amounts of beer and cider consumed, but that's what we do when we're together and celebrating a whole new decade.
 On Point Office
Once in awhile, I get to head out to the Chesapeake Bay and do a little work and a lot of relaxing. Since it's work related, I count these as wins when I work until 6:30pm or later. I'll take it.

Crab Cakes and Football! It's What Maryland Does!
Granted, crab cakes have gluten and football is a couple of weeks away, I still get freshly-caught Maryland crab regularly enough that it's delicious and not a pain in the ace to get the meat out of the shell. And of course, I needed the photographic evidence that I wore a bib in public.

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner
I'm going for breezy here, and I think that I pulled that off...if it were the 60s, I was at some all-inclusive resort with my parents and "dancing" with the dance instructor with the intent to join the Peace Corps. Whatever. I matched. I felt cool in the breezy sense. I can't wait for fall. But aside, I cracked myself up when I took one glance and said, "Nobody puts baby in the corner."

What are your little moments?

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  1. Definitely a "Dirty Dancing" look! I love it!!!