Monday, August 27, 2012

Century Club


I broke the 100 stalker follower count! Welcome to the newbies and a whattup to my long time lovers.

I guess with so many people declaring via Google Friend Connect that they read what I write slash think that I post something relevant, I should step up the blogging game.

But don't hold your breath.

I mean, I got my jam together when I noticed this, I was watching the Broncos game, so I could multi-task.

This means that I should probably give a good excuse as to my whereabouts our mental meanderings.

First, let's talk about this damn heat. I'm done. I'm done with sweating just standing still in the shade for 5 minutes. I'm tired of having to wash everything after one wash because you pit out everything. Pit sweat, knee sweat, crotch sweat, boob sweat, lower back never. ends.

I'm looking forward to the trip to my homeland at the end of September. I should be able to dress in layers and be comfortable. And, if I manage to get up to the high country, even experience temperatures that can start to freeze water.

Oh, lawd, do I need some cooler temps.

And here's where it really bothers me: all the stores have the back-to-school-fall-layering looks on display. The thought of cable knit makes a bead of sweat appear on my lower back, much less a fleece jacket.

And don't even get me started on scarves. (Endless Summer Sale from Lilly Pulitzer, I'm looking at you.)

Granted, my Century Club post probably drew you in for some drinking game fun, I have grown up a little from that. I only play Power Hour.

Happy Monday, poodles!


  1. I really hope you blog more b/c the world needs more Ana in it.

  2. I second the sweat problem. Boy I miss Colorado! I actually visited my hometown in Michigan recently... and it seemed even hotter here in Florida after that... I'm not sure that was a good thing. I am so ready for sweaters and long sleeves. I'll probably have to get out of Florida to enjoy those things though! (: