Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Nights

What have I been up to that I've been so lack-a-daisical about blogging?

Other than my usual laziness?

Well, I've been to Philly, Boston, and a little concert know as the Brothers of the Sun Tour.

Haven't heard of it?

Well, if you're obsessed with country music like I am or think Kenny is the second coming of Jimmy, then you know that I'm talking about Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney are on tour this summer.

And lemme tell you. They tour.

I'm talking FOUR straight hours where Tim and/or Kenny are on the stage.

Ah. Maze. Zing.

And my abs and legs were sore like I worked out. That could have been from standing for so long, singing my lungs out, or just that beer does that to a girl.

Yep. We're rocking the boots.

That would be the sun shining down on Mr. McGraw.

Obligatory selfie.

Waiting for Kenny.


  1. OMG I love country music. I have attended stage coach 4 times and I saw Tim McGraw in vegas and once in Glen Helen. We just went to toby keith on friday - check it out


  2. I wish they would have come to Columbus, I wanted to go to that concert so bad. Tim McGraw in those tight jeans, yum!!!! I saw him in concert with Lady A last year and it was so good!

    I've been obsessed with country music since college and its pretty much all I listen to now!