Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bad Ass Unicorns

I'm in a fantasy football league.

And I'm the only girl.

So, naturally, my draft is half based on math and half based on cute players.

But I do have some sense. Like I picked up Aaron Rodgers for QB and San Francisco's defense.

But picking Eric Decker for wide receiver? A totally emotional pick for the Broncos and a two-syllable day-yum for his hotness.

Don't fail me, Eric.
Although your performance with the 49ers holds promise.

Where do Bad Ass Unicorns come in?

Well, being the only girl in the league, I had to make it uber girly.

Enter, the unicorn.

Handing out rainbows and ass kickings.
And we're all out of rainbows.
Here's to a successful season where I can smack talk the Spandex Camel Toes, Gangreen Guatemalans, Fearless Iranians from Hell. and White Ron Mexicos to the point where my sickeningly sweet glitter and sparkles emasculates them, I count this season as a win.


  1. I believe that is a Lisa Frank Unicorn!!! LOVE!

  2. haha my draft is 100% cute guys. i got a lot of crap for taking Crosby (a kicker?) in the third round... but whatever i like to look at him.

    also, my team name is the Care Bear Stare. That's right. Love.