Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So What Wednesday

So what if...
  • I haven't blogged in awhile? I'm a little busy.
  • I have started a second blog? I need to keep my head clear when it comes to blogging because I want to chronicle different things.
  • I really don't have much to blog about? I'm sure I could bore you with mundane details of my life, but that's not as fun.
  • I think that I should be able to thumbs down artists on Pandora? I don't care if your music genome resembles what I requested, I don't want to hear John Mayer on my Adele station.
  • That's all I really have? I really need a nap and plotting ways to get a nap sounds better than blogging right now.


  1. SO with you on the Pandora thing. I do NOT like Dave Matthews and no matter how many times I thumbs down him on Pandora, he keeps coming up. Grr.

  2. just came across your blog! it's seriously so great! so with you on the pandora aspect girl! xo