Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Big Move, A Bigger Opportunity!

Here's the big news in a nutshell:
I'm moving to Washington, DC for a year as part of a "temporary duty assignment". I will be taking on a position to help transition to the next generation of software. I could totally go geek on you and talk more about it, but really, I don't think a lot of people care all that much about what I'll be doing. I'll be there for a year, am welcoming visitors to indulge my touristy side, and cannot wait to see what this crazy opportunity has in store for me!

How did this all come about? Well, my boss sent me a link for a loan-a-case-manager program with the details that their anticipated start date was January 18. The date that I received the link? January 10. So, I thought it over, asked for my boss' boss' blessing, (well, I had to have it), and sent off my resume forgetting all about the position. A month later, I checked my application status and there was no change, so I figured that the position was filled or simply I didn't make the cut.

That is, until I got an email with "Interview?" in the subject line. Last. Week.

Wait. What?

They had not filled the position and they wanted me to interview for it!!!! Omigodomigodomigodomigod! Not only that, they wanted to have their decision made my the end of the week.

That's it. I was offered the position, I accepted. (Really, if there was anything to think about, I shouldn't have applied for it.) Now, I'm on the fast track to call The District my home for the next year.

Anyway, I have roughly six weeks to get an apartment, furnishings, utilities, etc. And, keep in mind, the last time I was in this city (aside from driving by it on the way to the airport in Baltimore), I was 12 and on a tour with my classmates and our teachers. Pretty sure I could name all the monuments, but have no idea where any of them are located.

That's what maps and apps are for, right?

So far, I have google stalked, wiki stalked, and inundated my friends that have any kind of knowledge of the areas in DC. I think that I have things narrowed down to two places to live and they have both meet my requirements of a washer/dryer in the unit and close to a Metro stop. I know I have a short list, but really, if it's close to a stop and I can do my laundry without standing guard over it, I'll take it.

OK, I'm pickier than that, but for sake of blog-read time, I'll save you.

I am looking to create a DC Bucket List and I have already got a couple things compiled:

  • Visit all of the presidential memorials
  • Visit all of the armed forces/war memorials
  • Find that "Awakening" sculpture again
  • Visit all the Smithsonian museums
  • Visit the White House (on a legit tour, not go all Salahi on the place.)
  • Visit the Supreme Court
  • Visit the U.S. Capital
  • Visit the National Archives/Library of Congress
What else should I add to this list?

Are there any DC area readers that have some insight to where I should look for a place to live, things to look for in a place to live, things to add to the bucket list, etc.? Or really, anyone that is familiar with the area have any insights? I'll take what I can get.


  1. Congrats!! I can't wait to hear about your adventures!!

  2. Yay!! Be sure to get a library card at the library of congress!! I am so excited for Ana!!!

  3. Oh man... I meet a Colorado blogger and then she's off to DC! Sounds like it's a great opportunity, how awesome.

    p.s. I really love how you referenced the Salahis (gotta love those crazy housewives) when you talked about wanting to tour the White House. :)

  4. Congrats on such an exciting opportunity! You must be so excited! I can't wait to follow along with you on this amazing journey. Plus I want to see pics of the new place.

  5. hey girl !!....CONGRATULATIONS !!....your dad told me a little bit about it when i talked to him on saturday.....i would HIGHLY recommend seeing Arlington National Cemetery.....there is something quite amazing about seeing tombstones from the Civil War and recognizing the sacrifices that so many have made for us to have the freedoms that we enjoy in our great nation.....also, the Law Enforcement Memorial of course.... =) .......and, i would also recommend you talking to your cousin and see what he recommends since he lives there !!.....we need to have dinner before you leave !!......uncle b

  6. Congrats on the amazing opportunity. Just wanted to let you know I awarded you, it will be posted in the morning.

  7. I love DC! I would highly recommend visiting Arlington National Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum!