Friday, February 18, 2011

Casual Friday

I know that I will have to upgrade my thoughts on casual with the big move to DC. Instead of Jean Friday, I will get to have Khaki Friday. But, in the mean time, I have figured out my own twist on the prep style that I have.

I would like to introduce you to Western Prep!

I would define Western Prep as a more outdoorsy version of preppy. I have a cable knit sweater and pearls, but instead of pairing with some Chinos, I am wearing jeans, and instead of Tory Burch Reva flats, I have on some cowboy boots. (And they are legit. I have have mucked out horse stalls in these.) I also needed a little warmth from The North Face since it's a little like winter in here in Denver today.

(*Disclaimer: I totes have kids items on there, but it's more for the aesthetic, not the literal view of my outfit. But, I really wanted to show that I have pink on my boots, too!)

I am also rejoicing my ensemble because it includes my pearl earrings. On Wednesday, I lost one of my beloveds. The back was somehow still on my ear, but I was in a little bit of a panic mode as to when my earring could have fallen out since I do work out in them.


On Thursday as I came through security, I saw a lone pearl stud on the x-ray machine. It was my beloved! They had found it in the entry way and knew that someone would be looking for it.


Hope that everyone has a great weekend, and if you're fortunate like me, a great holiday weekend!


  1. SO glad you found your earring! I lost one of my pearl studs for a couple of weeks and I was frantic. Somehow it managed to turn up in my jewelry drawer (don't ask me how that happened).

    Loving the cowgirl casual outfit. Those boots are adorbs!

  2. I love those boots! Are you going to let us know what you might be wearing out east? I think it calls for another outfit on the blog.

    That's awesome that you got your earring back too! I would have been heart broken if I lost a favorite earring.

    p.s. I made a Polyvore set last night... kinda stayed up too late. :)

  3. You found your peral earring!! That is awesome :-) I've always told the husband to NOT get me anymore REAL earrings because and I have and will continue to lose them in a rediculously fast period of time :-( Cute outfit you have picked out there!