Friday, February 4, 2011

Longest. Week. Ever.

I know that some of you are all cozied up at home while you're covered in a blanket of snow (and ice) this week.

Unfortunately, here in Denver, we've had subzero temperatures and even colder wind chills with about 6" of snow total, and yet, we're operating. Sometimes I wish that our city wasn't equipped to handle the snow like Houston or Atlanta, but then again, that wouldn't be Colorado.

This week has dragged on. And on. And on. And on.

I'm not the only one who feels it. (Although some may argue that since I'm up at 4:30am and working 9 hour days might explain it) Everyone in the office today can't believe it's taken this long to get to Friday. Seriously. Monday? A distant memory to me. Tuesday? Pretty sure that was the cold day. Wednesday? Another cold day. And Thursday was yesterday, but it feels like more than that.

This feeling is probably from the fact that people all over the country are having snow days and we depend on those people for work. When they're out, we don't have much to do. Hopefully they'll get caught up today so we can have a really fast week next week.

In short, blogging world, please oh please start making more posts. I am dying for something to read that won't rot my brain. I can only handle so much twitter.


  1. Well... it's Friday! So the long week is OVER! woo hoo!! It's been sunny and in the 50s here - can't believe all the crazy weather across the country, though!

  2. Hey! I recently got a job in Denver and I am looking forward to it! I am originally from Minnesota and am currently in AL (for my hubbys army job) but can't wait to explore Denver! DO you have any suggestions on what I need to see or try? I am up for EVERYTHING!