Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm A Blonde

We've all heard those ditzy blonde jokes, so I mean no harm to my fellow toe heads (whether natural or chemical) but seriously, I've had my moments the last couple of days.

On Thursday, I was at work in the usual arctic conditions. I was sitting over my "space heater" which although may actually work in a confined space, but in a space that's as long as a city block and with 20 foot ceiling, it's not exactly pumping out the heat. I digress. I was so cold that I was debating putting on my down coat, but thought that was a little too much, so I thought, "How about my sweatshirt?" So, I went to my boss, double-checked that he was OK with it since it was cold, but complaining about the cold makes it too hot in the office, so he said as long as I don't leave the cubes, I'm good.

Cut to me looking over my contract for the assignment in DC and realizing that A) next year is a leap year, B) I get taxed on reimbursed expenses for terms longer than 365 days, C) my contract was for 366 days, and D) my Chief may be signing the contract that afternoon. Naturally, I bolt off to my Clerk's office to let her know that I want to adjust the dates and hoped that no one had signed anything. What did Ana forget? That I'm rocking my Aggies sweatshirt. Into my boss' boss' office. On a Thursday. Like an idiot.

The look on her face made me look down and realize what I was wearing. I immediately took it off and told her I was sorry and that I didn't mean to leave my cube, but a minor heart attack about having tax liability for a chunk of change makes one forget what they're doing. Oy. She was understanding and laughed at it, but I felt like a ditz.

Yesterday, I was texting back and forth talking about "Birthday Bash 2010". All. The. Time. "Birthday Bash Weekend 2010", "BBW2010", left and right until it was politely pointed out that perhaps I meant 2011?

Oy. I forgot a whole year. I type and write the date no less than 50 times a day at work and the one day I take off and start talking about dates that have nothing to do with deadlines for briefing and I'm in a time machine to 2010.

Seriously. I'm smart. S-M-R-T.

Hope that I can recover and recuperate this weekend!

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  1. This was great! I have moments like that ALL.THE.TIME!

    Have a great Sunday!