Friday, October 15, 2010

Wedding Season Comes to a Close

This year has been one amazing ride when it comes to my friends getting hitched! It all started in May with Kalyn and Jeremy, then off to Cape Cod to celebrate Kevin and Jessica, then a long weekend in Beaver Creek to celebrate Chelsea and David, all ending with last weekend in Connecticut to celebrate one of my oldest friends Caitlin and her hubby Mark.

Side note: Mark and Caitlin's wedding marks the 26th wedding that I have been to since I was 22. That means in five years, I have gone to a whole lot of weddings. I'm a pro guest. I've only been in 4 weddings over the course of my lifetime, so I'm no where near 27 Dresses.

This was from junior year prom in 2000
For some background, I have known Caitlin since first grade. That's right. We have known each other for over 20 years. (It's just over 20 years, we're talking months, but you get the point.) We went to elementary, middle, and high school together. We parted ways in college because she went to that inferior school in the Big 12 conference while I went to the best college in Colorado State. (She would like to debate that last fact, but she lost all rights by moving to Boston and no longer remaining a resident.)

The weekend started early on Thursday with a 6am flight...meaning that I had to be at the airport around 4am...and I was parking in economy so the shuttle would take awhile...and my fellow traveler Delilah had to be picked up and check a bag, so I was up at 2am to get the shenanigans started.

Even though it was before sunrise, that's no reason not to be dolled up.
We started off with a little wine down at the bride's parents' house then had a little welcome cocktail time with some family.
Enjoying a little "wine down" once we arrived.

On Friday, we started off with champagne fueled manicures and pedicures. You saw the results in my previous post. And, as an update, they look exactly the same. No joke.
Day 8

Me and the bride after our champagne fueled pampering
 From there, we relaxed a little before heading to the rehearsal dinner hosted by the groom's parents. It was at a delightful little restaurant that was turned from a sea captain's home into an elegant eatery.

Me with a bridesmaid, the bride, and the Matron of Honor
 The big day on Saturday was a great time getting ready with the bridesmaids and the bride.
The faces are on and the hair is to get dressed!
Me and the bride all dolled up and ready to go!
The brides maids all lined up
With this ring, I thee wed.
 On to the reception! The country club had a gorgeous wrap around porch that we could enjoy the crisp fall weather and cocktails on. The scenery was gorgeous and the company was fabulous!
Enjoying cocktails al fresco

I loved the fall them of the wedding. From the invitations to the little leaves strategically placed with pears and the rich, warm colors of purples, reds, oranges, and yellows. The cake was simply perfect (and delicious!) to have a little ribbon with leaves for the accents.

I think there was some chocolate with decadent layer...I don't remember since that was less than sober tasting time.

 The happy couple had a sweetheart table with the the table name "Just Married" on a typical Massachusetts rotary sign.
The wedding was amazing and to share in that day with Caitlin and Mark was truly a blessing. These two love birds were actually set up by their mothers. They had both lived in Boston after college and their mothers thought that it would be "so nice" if they would have a familiar face in a big city. Well, apparently mothers know best because they have found in each other the compliments to each others personality.

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