Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 2: The Meaning Behind the Name

Thinking back to when I created this blog, I wanted it to be cute, but also explain a little bit about me and my life as a twenty-something single in the city. A Colorado Cupcake was my inspiration, so I chose something that I always seem to have in my life: Caffeine and Cocktails.

I live life assuming that everything is a photo op. Some days? It's more like that section where they blot out the eyes with a black rectangle to protect the identity of the offender of fashion, but that's another post. Back to the point. Most of my social outings will have at least one of the two - Caffeine in the form of Starbucks, red bull, or perhaps soda and/or cocktails in the form of beer, wine, or spirits. This may make me sound like an amped up lush, but as of late, I'm caffeine free (outside of a cup of green tea) and I only have maybe 3 cocktails. That's a whole post in itself as to me complete 180 degrees in my habits.

Basically, I like the occasional cocktail and mild caffeine, but not too about age getting the better of me!


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I promise, I try really hard not to take having my grandparents around for granted ;) I know I'm lucky for that. But storytelling makes for great memories!

  2. Ana, I'm loving these post ideas. I may just have to steal it (although, that would involve me to be a bit more motivated than I am at this current moment). I love your blog name and I love that you, Chels and I all have blogs that have double C's (candy coated, colorado cupcake, caffeine and cocktails.)

  3. I think your Caffeine & Cocktails are right in line with my Champagne & Sundays :)