Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 5: The Sibs

To my mother and father, I am their only child. I mean, I don't have siblings, so I'm an only child. Not that I have siblings and I'm their favorite, but then again, even as the only child, I'm not the favorite. I lose to a dead dog and cousins sometimes. (Not kidding.)

Anyway, when my dad married Sharon, I got two step brothers and a step sister. Since we all live in different places, we don't really see too much of each other and are still getting to know each other.

Sarah is the oldest and has an 18 year old son...which means I have a quasi-nephew, but not really. Although, I do point out to my dad that he's a grandpa. HA! She lives in Michigan with her hubby.

Bill is the middle child and lives in Orlando. His girlfriend/fiancee and her kids are altogether as one happy family in the middle of the world's biggest tourist trap.

[Sandwich me in here in age]

Aaron is the youngest. He's a punk rock guitar player. He's tatted up and pierced, and I think that he's working on dreads right now. He used to have a mohawk. Fun fact: One of his tattoos is on the INSIDE of his bottom lip.

Bill, Aaron, Sharon, Dad, Sarah, and Me

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