Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew" and saying SO WHAT!

So WHAT if...

  • I am contemplating washing the clean clothes in the laundry basket because they are so wrinkled? I should have folded them when the laundry was done, but I can do it when I just was them again. Maybe I can just fluff them on the dry cycle.
  • I turned on the heat last night, just for the night? It was 68 in my apartment and I went to bed with wet hair. I was a little cold.
  • I broke one of my "Life Rules" and responded back to the ex? I don't know how long I'll talk to him before resuming radio silence, but it is what it is.
  • I'm still listening to Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons? I saw Jersey Boys this last weekend and it's really catchy and good-feely music. Granted, they aren't all happy songs, but whatever, they get stuck in your head.
  • I paint my nails on the go? I chipped a nail right before going through security at the airport. Not cool. So I peeled the polish off (thanks to a great base coat), while standing in the terminal I painted the nail, walked to check my gate, got on the little train, painted the nail with a second coat while we waited, and when the ride was done, added a dry-fast top coat. Done and done.
  • I have managed to stay caffeine-free for almost a month? It feels amazing, but limits the drink choices a smidgen.
  • I waver on what to do with my hair for my appointment on Saturday? I love having length for a ponytail, not a nubbin, but I really want to chop it all off and start over with a short, A-line bob.
  • I wish that Pandora had mood stations? Sometimes I want some happy, dance-inducing music, other times I want something that doesn't distract me.
  • I'm really slacking in posting about my trips, adventures in DC, and in general? I'm out-and-about and when I get home, I have more pressing things to take care the laundry I never folded. See bullet #1.

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  1. Ignoring ex's attempts to reach out is not easy. Not at all, even if you would bet a million bucks they will disappear again!

  2. I need you to keep me up to date on this ex sitch.

  3. you seriously need to keep me up to date on the ex sitch.

  4. You could always stick the wrinkled clothes in the dryer wet a washcloth really wet throw it in with them and they will become un wrinkled :) super easy n fast :)

  5. I second that wet washcloth / dryer tip - it works. I'm classically lazy on folding the clean clothes. (The worst though? Accidentally leaving them in the washer too long. Definitely requires a 2nd wash. Gahhhh.)

    Also? Painting your nails on the go is quite the demonstration of skills. I'm impressed. But not surprised. :)